Bee Buehring

Writer. Illustrator.
Equity & Inclusion Consultant.

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As a squirrelly queer nerd growing up in southern Texas, tractors and stacked bails of hay were my space shuttles and extraterrestrial landscapes. Reading science-fiction and fantasy helped me escape the rough world of rodeos and rigid gender norms. And drawing and writing SFF allowed me to envision who I wanted to be and the kind of world I wanted to help create. 

This childhood love of speculative story led me to study film, theater, fiction and studio art at Southern Methodist University. Then, in graduate school at North Carolina State University, I studied counseling and began to assist others in authoring their own lives. My graduate degree led to a fifteen-year career advising young adults and creating inclusive learning environments. And, now, as an educational consultant, I help communities engage in difficult conversations about difference and aid people in their efforts to take action toward ending oppression.

I live in eastern Connecticut with my partner and our two goofy cats. While I may have traded mesquite brush for maple forest, I’m still creating comics and SFF to explore important questions about power, connection, identity, and liberation.




Weird New Worlds, Real World Problems

I hope to use this site to share: short works of fiction, teasers for longer works, notes on world building and character development, fun research, book reviews, and miscellaneous personal reflections. I'm also hoping to make new writing friends who might be willing to be beta readers or critique partners.


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Creative Design and Visual Storytelling

Why, yes. This is indeed a drawing of an alien fern and its giant beetle friend on their way to an important meeting. They're characters in a story I'm working on. I've also had fun creating comic books, event maps, T-shirt stencils, clothing labels, logos, character designs, presentation graphics, chapter book illustrations, and tattoos.


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Social Justice @ Work

In 2012, my friend Dr. Jen Matos and I established Social Justice @ Work, an educational consulting group helping organizations and institutions take action on issues of identity, oppression and liberation. I've also facilitated workshops with Think Again Training and I'm a creative collaborator at Creative Justice Lab.



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