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Bee Buehring

Educational Consultant

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The world we live in has done a good job of erecting barriers between us. Interwoven systems like racism, ableism, classism, sexism, and gender oppression design the blueprints. Ignorance and misunderstanding provide the scaffolding. Fear and the struggle for domination are the brick and mortar. Fortresses fill our landscape, both around and within us, and the violence used to maintain them leaves us with scars that stretch across generations. Despite our best intentions, we’ve all been bricklayers. And, in the process, we’ve walled off pieces of ourselves, disconnecting us from our own dignity and humanity. 

But, as generations of liberation workers have shown us, we have access to another path. We can learn to quiet the messages of domination and supremacy and listen deeply to one another. And, through this, we can learn new ways to work across differences to tear down what stands between us, to mend our wounds, and work together to create something nourishing and new.

This is the belief that guides me through the world and unites my multiple passions. As an educational consultant, I help communities develop the skills to engage in cross-cultural dialogues and organizational transformation. And I support institutions and individuals in their efforts to strive toward greater justice, inclusion, and accountability. As a qigong instructor, I seek to share time-honored tools of somatic and energetic awareness to untangle traumas, improve adaptability, and increase our access to joy and wonder. 

I grew up surrounded by mesquite brush and cotton fields in rural Southern Texas, then spent my young adulthood in Dallas and Raleigh, NC. I now work across New England and live with my partner and two cats among the maple trees in rural Connecticut.

I accumulated most of my professional experience working for sixteen years in higher education administration. I have been a freelance consultant since 2012. My educational background includes a BA in Cinema and Studio Art and a MEd in Counselor Education. I have a certificate in Social Justice Mediation and extensive experience in curriculum design, leadership development, and organizational assessment. I am also a certified qigong instructor.

Home: Welcome

Educational Consulting

Facilitation, Training,

Assessment, and Coaching for Equity & Inclusion

As an educational consultant, I’ve been helping organizations and institutions take action on issues of identity, accountability, and liberation since 2012. I specialize in training cross-cultural dialogue facilitators, anti-racism and LGBTQAI+ inclusion workshops, social justice curriculum development, organizational assessment, and equity coaching. I’m affiliated with Social Justice @ Work, Think Again Training, and the Crossroads Collective.


Qigong Instruction

Healing with
Mindful Movement

Qigong is an ancient and thoroughly studied mind-body-spirit practice that improves mental and physical health through a combination of posture, movement, mindful breathing, self-massage, sound, visualization, and focused intentions. I believe those who work to create a more just and inclusive world will find qigong’s embodied awareness especially useful, as it can help us unravel our traumas and show up for each other with more presence, kindness, and generosity.

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