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Qigong Instruction

"In stillness, action stirs. In action there is stillness." - Wang Zongyue

Qigong is a mind-body-spirit practice that improves mental and physical health by aligning us with the dynamic cycles of nature. This alignment is achieved through a combination of posture, movement, mindful breathing, self-massage, sound, visualization, and focused intentions. Qigong is rooted in the practical philosophies of the ancient Chinese sages who applied lessons learned from our world’s complex ecological systems to questions of human suffering and happiness. The qigong of today is one of the primary branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is considered a thoroughly-researched and beneficial alternative healing practice. While there are as many qigong schools, styles, and lineages as there are teachers, what unites them all is a belief in our ability to harness qi (or our vital and subtle energies) by way of skillful and compassionate practice (or gong).

My qigong training path is one of personal cultivation for greater well-being and contentment. And my teaching approach aims to be inclusive of all bodies, ages, and abilities. I especially encourage those who work to create a more just and peaceful world to explore qigong as a method of unraveling our traumas so we may show up for each other with more presence, kindness, and generosity.

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Cultivating Vital Energy

Enhance your study of qigong with this illustrated workbook and journal, designed especially for my students. Packed with helpful coloring pages and quick-reference qigong form diagrams, this workbook will help you grasp this ancient healing art's foundational concepts and keep track of your personal practice.

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Forest Path Qigong

Visit Forest Path for more information on classes, 1:1 coaching, retreats, and special events. We also partner with local educators, ecologists, and healthcare providers to facilitate forest bathing outings and other opportunities for mindfulness-based nature connection.

Qigong: Latest Work
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